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Welcome to Orchid Traditioinal Thai Massage

Orchid Traditional Thai massage offers professional Thai massage for health

At Orchid Traditional Thai Massage you will experience the same hospitality and friendliness that you receive in Thailand and experience an authentic Thai massage with one of our highly qualified masseuses Welcome to Orchid.

You can enjoy your massage in our studio located in Haverfordwest, Pembrokshire, Wales, we are truly different please have a look at the comments from our clients on our Facebook business page. 


Please note we are a reputable massage service, this is strictly a professional therapeutic wellness centre only purposed.

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Thai culture and traditionals

Wai : Traditional Thai Greeting

Wai is the place your hands together in a prayer position and raising them to the level of the face whist bowing slightly, the height of the hands shows respect. The higher of the hands the more respect.

Wai is also always used when either presenting or receiving a gift, among other things, a mark of respect for position and age. For Thai, different level of the closed hands can show different degrees of respect.

Orchid Traditional Thai Massage offers you a warm welcome, a calm and serene environment with a Thai feel. Orchid welcome you a relaxing or deeper massage under the care of her experienced Thai massage practitioner. Orchid look forward to seeing you.

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Orchid new studio

Our previous studio



Orchid Giggs

Tel. 07778 837688

01437 929452

18 Dew Street, Haverfordwest,

Pembrokeshire, Wales,

United Kingdom

SA61 1NJ

Monday - Saturday : 9.00 - 21.00

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