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DISCOUNT ONLINE during Orchid away!!!!!

Conditions :

1. Payment online by your card or Paypal account

2. After payment please book yourself in

- Online booking

- Leave your massage as our Facebook business page

3. We will mail to confirm your booking


4. You must made of payment first from DATE 27/2/2016 to date end of Discount offer on


This 'Discount' offering only all customer who have paid between above date

5. The treatment start from DATE 21/3/2016 - 14/4/2016 and 20/5/2016 - the end of September


6. For Online Booking , your booking time may change by 15 minutes earlier or later and if any change then we will confirm to you shortly.

7. This offer not redeemable for cash or refunded

8. Limited to 50 bookings only

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